VSP Work Group

      A community lead VSP Work Group was formed to provide leadership, guidance and oversight of the community based VSP work plan.  This approach will ensure that the goals and benchmarks that will be established meet the intent of the program while protecting and enhancing agriculture in Grant and Adams Counties.  The planning work group includes a broad representation of key stakeholders and representatives of agricultural and the environmental communities, as well as State and Federal agencies that have agreed to participate.  The Grant County VSP Workgroup held its kick-off meeting on April 26, 2016 in Moses Lake.
     The VSP Work Group has divided Grant County into 8 distinct geographic areas (link to map of Community Group here) to provide an opportunity for producers that share common interests a forum for learning more about VSP and providing local input in the VSP plan development. 


     All of Adams County is under one area.  Meetings and outreach will be conducted within these communities in late fall if COVID restrictions allow it. 

     If you would like us to come and give a presentation at one of your meetings, please notify the GCCD and we will put you on our schedule. For further information about where the critical areas are located, where meetings will be held within your community, or to sign up to receive information about VSP, visit our website at columbiabasincds.org or call the Grant County Conservation District office at (509) 765-9618.

Harold Crose, VSP Coordinator, giving a presentation at a local conference.