Grant County VSP Plan and Reports

The Voluntary Stewardship Program Work Group is pleased to announce the approval of the Grant County Voluntary Stewardship Plan by the State Technical Panel on June 20, 2017.  Grant County Conservation District staff and consultant, Anchor QEA, attended the half-day meeting on Tuesday at the Farm Bureau building in Lacy to clairify any questions about the plan.  The agency comments and updated plan can be found on this page to your right or on the Washington State Conservation Commission website at   

Grant County will now enter into the ten year implementation phase of the Voluntary Stewardship Program.  Successful implementation will require Agriculture to demonstrate their ability to protect critical areas potentially impacted by agricultural activities using voluntary approaches.  Grant County Conservation District was designated the technical service provider to assist producers in this effort.  The Conservation District will begin work on an extensive information outreach program focusing on agricultures role in program implementation. 

To learn more contact Marie Lotz with the Grant County Conservation District at (509) 765-9618.

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