Vacant Lot Weed Control Assitance

We are seeking landowners who would like to stop combating weeds on their vacant lots.  Many landowners are constantly spraying chemicals and/or mowing their vacant lots, only to get another flush of weeds in a few weeks.  Native grass planting can out-compete even the toughest weeds if allowed to fully establish.  

Native grasses help battle the noxious weeds with their deep root systems.  The natives effectively keep weeds from ever getting established.  The ultimate benefit of managing native vegetation is that pesticide use will decrease, mowing costs will decrease and the aesthetics are a huge benefit for the public.  In the long run you will have a low maintenance vacant lot that will be weed free!!

We are offering 50% cost share for landowners to change their lots into a weed free zone.  Call today to discuss how a partnership with you can change your struggles of keeping up with your weeds.  Call 509-765-9618.