Our Staff

Marie Lotz, District Manager


Marie has over 30 years of experience in bookkeeping, and financial and office management, with the last 21 years being dedicated to the GCCD (formerly the Othello Conservation District).  Since becoming the District Manager in December 2013, Marie’s efforts have been focused on building a strong, financially sustainable District.  With the support of GCCD’s Board of Supervisors, Marie has accomplished rates and charges which would provide important base funding to further develop the District’s technical capacity, education and outreach efforts, and ability to partner and leverage resources.  Marie has coordinated the Othello Sandhill Crane Festival in collaboration with the Festival’s volunteer committee since 2013.  As the Festival’s coordinator and now GCCD’s manager, she recognizes the importance of educating our community not only in regards to conservation practices and principles, but also on how farming and wildlife can co-exist.  While at home, Marie enjoys spending time with her six grandchildren.

Lyle Stoltman, Livestock Program Coordinator, C.C.A.

Lyle has been working hand-in-hand with the agricultural community and others over the last 30 plus years as a conservation district employee.  Since joining the Othello Conservation District (now GCCD) in 1999, Lyle has served as the livestock program coordinator, working closely with more than 30 dairies, several feedlots, and other agricultural operators to develop livestock and nutrient management plans.  Lyle also facilitates the cost share program that assists farm operators and others in implementing voluntary conservation practices on-the-ground.  Lyle studied Agronomy at Colorado State University and is a Certified Crop Adviser recognized by the American Society of Agronomy.  When he’s not out in the field protecting our natural resources and way of life, Lyle can be found camping, reffing on the hockey rink or gardening in his yard. Lyle has been married for 33 yrs and has 2 grown children.

Harold Crose, Resource Conservationist


As a retired Natural Resource Conservation Service (NRCS) employee of 41 years, Harold is an invaluable asset to the GCCD and the greater Columbia Basin.  Today, Harold mainly assists the GCCD as an adviser and technical specialist. He has recently taken on the role as VSP Coordinator.  He is most interested in helping expand the technical capacity of the GCCD and has a passion for soil health and all aspects of agricultural energy conservation.  In his four decades of service with NRCS, he worked in water quality and quantity in irrigated agriculture, dry-land farming, forestry, and served on numerous committees including the national team that developed the technical guidance on wind erosion.  Harold continues to be on the cutting edge, identifying and implementing progressive conservation practices that benefit our natural resources and stakeholders alike.

E DeLong.jpg

Elliott DeLong, Resource Technician



Born and raised in Moses Lake, Elliott DeLong joined GCCD in December as an environmental educator. He works with schools throughout Grant, Adams and Lincoln counties in order to provide outreach through programs like Wheat Week, Trout in the Classroom and Water on Wheels. By presenting these programs, Elliott provided youth in the area with information about conservation and how they can make a difference in the conservation efforts of in their communities. He received a Bachelors in Science from Central Washington University in Ellensburg before spending several years working for Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife. Elliott plans to continue the outreach programs at GCCD and expand to include others such as Monarch in the Classroom in the coming years. When not at work, Elliott enjoys spending time with his family as well as hunting and fishing in eastern Washington.

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Deanna Elliott, Conservation Planner


A native to California’s San Joaquin Valley, Deanna joined the GCCD team in July of 2019. Deanna is a Conservationist for the Voluntary Stewardship Program (VSP). It is her mission to assist farmers in achieving their long term goals toward efficiency and sustainability. She has a background in small scale family farming and native plant cultivation/restoration. She was an outdoor/environmental educator for Montessori Children’s House in Redmond Washington and a farm educator for Cloudview Farm in Ephrata Washington. In her down time Deanna can be found fishing the sun lakes with her two boys.  

Doug Allen, Resource Planning Specialist


Doug is a native of the Columbia Basin area, being raised on an irrigated Farm near Winchester Washington and graduating from both Ephrata High School and Big Bend community College locally. He continued his education through Oregon State University in Agricultural Mechanization. Doug has worked at many locations around Central Washington area including Waterville, Wenatchee, Ephrata, Othello, and Spokane. He recently retired from the Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) after 35 years of service. Doug has extensive knowledge and experience with irrigated cropland use, irrigation systems and water management. Other experience includes dry cropland land use addressing water quality through permanent grass and shrub establishment, terracing and sediment basins. Doug completed his last 7 years with NRCS in the Eastern portion of Washington State assisting staff and partners with watershed scale planning and implementation through multiple NRCS programs.

In retirement, Doug plans to continue working part time for the Grant County Conservation District assisting private landowners with planning, alternatives and solutions to address landowner objectives and improving natural resources.

John Roos.jpg

John Roos, Conservation Planner


John gained an appreciation for exploring and agriculture early while growing up in Colorado as an Eagle Scout, encouraging him to pursue first an Associate’s Degree focusing on sustainability, and later a Soil & Crop Science B.S. with a minor in International Soil from Colorado State University.  He’s spent several years in the cherry and apple industries of Montana and Washington, where he gained a variety of skills working with perennials, labor, pruning, safety, machinery and chemicals during his time as Ranch Manager.  His interests include expanding the technical capacity of the GCCD and the multidisciplinary aspects of complex issues and solutions.


John enjoys travel, his favorite destinations being the numerous Latin American countries where he became conversational in Spanish, and studying abroad in New Zealand. When not following his passions in his work, John enjoys attempting extreme sports, writing music, gardening, backpacking, working on his truck, and trying new foods.


Dinah Gadberry, Conservation Planner/NRCS Task Order Planner


Dinah spent most of her life in both Grant and Adams county, this is home. She was Valedictorian at Lind-Ritzville High School and graduated with honors with a plant-based Biology degree and an Environmental minor from Whitworth University. Though college she managed the University Greenhouse, was an Agronomy Intern at Simplot for two summers, did research on our local sage grouse populations and research in Costa Rica. Shortly after graduating in 2020 she started working for the GCCD as a partner with NRCS. Currently she is living near Lind with her Fiancé, 3 horses, 3 dogs and several reptiles. She considers her hobbies to be anything with plants and horses.

Growing up in the area and from working harvests she has gotten to know many local farmers and understands the dryland community well. In High School, Dinah competed at nationals for Agronomy, Land Evaluation (soil judging) and Marketing. She learned that she loved agriculture in the FFA, Whitworth then gave her a passion for sustainability and conservation. One of her main goals is to teach growers/ranchers new ways to be more sustainable while also having a basic understanding and background of what is reasonable for a grower/rancher to do.