Irrigation Water Management

For more information contact:


Marie Lotz, District Manager

Grant Co. Conservation District
1107 S. Juniper Drive
Moses Lake, WA 98837

(509) 765-9618

Why Practice IWM?


Practicing IWM can help:

  • Minimize water quality problems;

  • Reduce energy costs; and

  • Improve crop quality and yield.


  • Distribution and application uniformity;

  • How irrigation timing and soil water holding capacity affect irrigation scheduling; and

  • How a soil moisture monitoring system is useful in irrigation scheduling decisions.

  • Install at least one soil moisture monitoring probe per field;

  • Provide a graph for each field of documented soil moisture readings for the entire season;

  • Provide total precipitation in acre inches for each field at season end, including rain and irrigation;

  • Document daily evapo-transpiration (ET) for the field through the irrigation season. Provide documentation of projected, scheduled irrigation recommendations throughout the season;