Direct Seed/No Till Rental

The Grant County Conservation District with Washington State University (WSU) Extension to offer agricultural operators the opportunity to rent a 1590 John Deere direct seed drill on irrigated fields in the Columbia Basin.  The 15' box drill is designed to plant various crops through crop residue on the soil surface.  It is now in the Moses Lake area and available for rent.

Direct seeding:

  • Eliminates tillage passes, which can save farmers both time and money; and

  • Helps build soils, controls wind erosion, and increases water infiltration rates in fields.

While farmers in other parts of the country have used this practice successfully for decades, it is relatively new to irrigated regions of the Western US.  These direct seed drills are scarce in the Columbia Basin, and so we are offering this drill to agricultural producers to see what they can do in their own fields.

If you have an idea or question about direct seeding, call or email WSU Extension agronomist Andy McGuire, 509-754-2011 Ext. 4313, or

Schedule to rent the drill, by contacting GCCD at 509-765-9618.