VSP Community Groups

A critical component of the VSP process is ensuring that all parties that wish to participate are provided that opportunity. The VSP Work Group, lead for the VSP process, has broken Grant County into 8 Community Groups (see map below).  Adams County is not divided into Community Groups (see map below). 


The Grant County Conservation District are available to give a presentation on VSP.  They will also be attending the fall grower meetings.  Dates, times and places will be posted on the website as soon as they are set.  This will be your opportunity to provide input and receive the latest information on the VSP implementation and goals met year to date.  


"For this to be successful we need the support and participation of farmers, ranchers, and Ag groups in Grant and Adams Counties," said Harold Crose, VSP Coordinator. 


To learn more about Grant County VSP contact the GCCD office at (509) 765-9618 or email Marie Lotz at marie-lotz@conservewa.net.

Grant County

Adams County

Adams VSP Community Map.JPG